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Inverloch is a fantastic location for all types of water sports, including stand up paddle boarding. So I thought it was time to give it a crack. I knew it was going to be a hot day today with a forecast earlier in the week of 39. I contacted one of my adventuresome girlfriends earlier in the week to see if she was keen in joining me for an early morning lesson with Inverloch SUP. We woke early and lingering over a cup of coffee we laughed as we asked each other what have we got ourselves into. The thought of falling into the cold ocean water wasn't very appealing at 7am in the morning.

We slowly put on our bathers, grabbed our towels, slapped on some sunscreen (should've taken a hat) and headed to our destination, a few minutes drive to the other side of town. At our destination we were met by Max and it wasn't long until we had our rashies on and were heading down to the beach to meet the rest of group joining us for a lesson that morning.

The weather was warming up, there was no breeze and the water was smooth. How lucky were we to have perfect conditions for our first lesson. Max is an excellent teacher and it wasn't long until we were all on our boards, on our knees, getting the feeling for paddling and turning the large SUP boards. After getting the hang of paddling on our knees we headed back to shore for a few more lessons, this time on how to stand up on the board. It wasn't long until we were back in the water ready for our first experience as stand up paddle boarders! I'm so excited to say that all of our group stood up the first time without falling in (mainly due to our amazing teacher Max). We were taught how to turn the boards and the correct stroke technique. Our nervous apprehension had gone out to sea by now and we were feeling confident and really enjoying the experience.

I totally loved the whole SUP experience and I think I've found a water sport that I know I'm really going to enjoy in the future. And the best thing is I didn't fall in once!! Mind you it was so hot after our lesson we did enjoy a cooling swim in the beautiful waters of Inverloch.

So I encourage anyone young and old to have a go at stand up paddle boarding. Max is a fantastic teacher who is passionate about what he does and inspired confidence in all of us. Next time you're in Inverloch make sure you book a lesson (or hire a SUP) with Inverloch SUP: www.supinverloch.com or email: inverlochsup@gmail.com or call Max on 0487933104.

#inverlochsup (check out the post on Instagram - 4th Jan - that's our group!).

Jo :)

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